Your Wedding Invitation Preliminaries

The engagement has been announced. Your family and friends know you are soon to be wed to the man of your dreams. You are now thinking of the ideal wedding invitation to capture your love story. Here are some suggestions you may want to keep in mind:

Order early. Plan to order your invitations at least 4 months before the wedding date, especially if you have chosen a more complex design. Prepare yourself for last minute additions to the guest list and order more invitations than you need. It will cost more to reorder a small batch. Keep extra wedding invitations as personal keepsakes.

Mail early. Mail out invitations at least 6 – 8 weeks before the wedding. Out-of-town guests will require additional time to schedule flights and accommodations. The RSVP should be due 2 – 3 weeks before your date. This will give you adequate time to call straggling guests who have yet to return their RSVPs. Use this time to work on the seating plan for the reception.

Square costs more. If you have chosen square invitations which require more postage, consider using rectangular envelopes to reduce expenses.

Match the tone and theme of the wedding. With all the different styles of invitations available, it is important to have your invitations reflect the formality of your wedding to your guests. More formal invitations with traditional wording will complement a formal wedding while a casual garden wedding may warrant a more carefree design.

Add unique touches. It’s important to inject your wedding with elements that reflect who you are. Include childhood photos of yourself and your fianc√©, special sayings, or create your own poem or message for the guests.

While doing your research, also keep in mind the quality of the paper you choose for the invitations. Consider thickness, typefaces, the layout, and finishing touches such as ribbon, vellum overlays, or even wax seals. Now you’re off to a great start! Congratulations!