When your Maid of Honour or Bridesmaid is a Man

Your best friend is a man and you would like to include him in the wedding party. There is absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t be in the bridal party if that is your wish. Then, so be it. Here are some things to keep in mind when your maid of honour or bridesmaid is a man. Man of honour or bride’s honour attendant: both are suitable instead of maid of honour

Honour attendant: for a male friend who will stand as your bridesmaid

Let your wedding photographer know: Keep your wedding photographer up to speed on who is in your wedding party so he/she knows where to place each attendant during posed formal shots. This way, you avoid having all the men grouped together out of pure habit alone.

Skip the all female parties: Some men love to be the only guy at all female parties, others prefer to steer clear of them. You know your friend best. How would he feel at the bridal shower with women only? Give him the option of not attending these pre-wedding parties if they make him feel uncomfortable and out of place. Consider having a “Jack and Jill” or pre-wedding parties that include your girlfriends and their partners to even out the mix of the guests.

Skip the fitting rooms and restrooms: The bridal party often goes gown shopping with the bride. They also help fix the bride’s gown quite a bit on the day of the wedding. Since most of these duties require in close and personal contact in fitting rooms and restrooms, this duty may best be left with the other bridesmaids in your bridal party.

Dress for the occasion: Your male friend will be wearing the same formal attire as the other men in the wedding party. Do give him a special boutonniere, cummerbund, or tie to distinguish him from the other men in the party.