What You Need to do Before the Honeymoon

As you busily plan the wedding, there is also the honeymoon to arrange. While meant to be a time of celebration, there are logistics that need to be tackled before you can go on the honeymoon. Here are some key factors to consider:

Make sure your passports and necessary papers are all up to date since they will take the most time to renew.

Determine if you need to update your immunization shots. Depending on where you will be going, you may need to get immunized or take additional medication for a period of time before your trip.

Even if you change your name after the wedding, ensure that tickets are booked with your maiden name so that it matches your driver’s license, passport and any other important identification needed for traveling.

Decide what you and your fiancé want from the honeymoon. Do you want adventure and tours or do you want to relax and enjoy the sun?

Consider the weather and climate of possible honeymoon destinations for the specific time that you will be traveling. Pay close attention to hurricane seasons and tropical rainstorms.