The Role and Duties of the Maid of Honour on the Wedding Day

She has been your support and source of strength throughout the hectic wedding planning process. Your maid of honour, your best friend, is now standing beside you on your wedding day.

Below is a list of the traditional tasks for the maid of honour on the wedding day. Read them, print them off, and tailor the list of responsibilities to complement your wedding day festivities.

At the ceremony, the maid of honour typically:

  • Helps to get the bride dressed and ready
  • Continues to be the moral support for the bride and bridesmaids
  • Ensure bridesmaids look graceful and elegant
  • Helps bride to arrange her veil and gown before the procession down the aisle
  • Precedes the bride down the aisle
  • Holds the groom’s wedding ring until it is time for the rings to be exchanged
  • Holds bride’s bouquet (and gloves, if applicable)
  • Acts as witness for the signing of the marriage certificate

At the reception, the maid of honour:

  • Helps with hosting duties, socializing with guests
  • Stands in the receiving line to greet guests
  • Is announced with the best man by the MC, to the guests before the newlyweds are announce
  • Helps the bride to bustle her gown and change into her outfits
  • Takes care of the bride’s wedding gown and accessories
  • Makes a toast (can be done with bridesmaids)
  • Dances with the best man
  • Stays until the end of the reception to help bride as needed