The Role and Duties of the Maid of Honour Before the Wedding Day

You have just gotten engaged and have asked close family/friends to be in the bridal party. Now is the perfect time to clarify the responsibilities of the maid/matron of honour.

Below is a list of the traditional tasks for the maid of honour before the wedding day. Read them, print them off, and tailor the list of responsibilities to your wedding.

Traditionally, before the wedding, the maid of honour:

  • Is the best friend, chosen by the bride to be by her side as emotional support throughout the wedding planning process.
  • Helps the bride with all the minute details, from addressing envelopes to making wedding favours.
  • Helps the bride to choose the bridal party’s attire and helps to arrange gown fittings before and on the day of the wedding
  • Acts as the bridesmaid coordinator. Duties may range from coordinating gown fittings, to ensuring that everyone has their hair and makeup planned, to offering travel instructions for bridesmaids that are coming from out of town. Most importantly, the maid of honour acts as the bridge in relationships, helping all the gals get along with one another even during the most stressful times. This includes maintaining a positive, focused, and supportive outlook throughout the planning process.
  • Be available for dress fittings and for the wedding rehearsal
  • Pays for her own gown and transportation to the wedding if coming from out of town
  • Helps to let guests subtly know about the bridal registry
  • Attends all pre-wedding parties
  • Hosts a bridal shower with the bridesmaids
  • May give a gift with the bridesmaids along with a personal gift for the married couple