The Illusions of a Wedding Gown

Illusions make you believe what you see. Choosing the right gown for your body is like finding the perfect vase to showcase your beauty. After all, it is your wedding day and you will be the most stunning woman in the room! So, before you purchase your gown, be mindful of these illusions:

White is not for everyone. While it seems to be a basic colour for wedding gowns, there are in fact, numerous shades of white, ivory, and cream available. Depending on your skin tone, pure white may be too harsh of a contrast, ivory may fade and neutralize, while cream may add a radiant glow to your face. Choose the colour that is most flattering for you.

If you are conscious about your shoulders, avoid thin spaghetti straps and halter tops. The contrast in the size of the straps, and their positioning, to the amount of skin revealed will make shoulders appear wider.

Beading around the chest area will accentuate and amplify small curves. An open neckline, on the other hand, creates the illusion of a smaller narrow waist as it pulls the eyes upward.

To de-emphasize your height and balance your silhouette, use horizontal detailing on your gown. Consider beadwork, a change in the cut of the fabric, or the introduction of a new texture to run horizontally on the gown.

To conceal the lower portion of your body, opt for an A-line or empire waist gown. Such wedding gowns attract attention towards the upper body, giving the illusion of height. Choosing a crisp fabric will also allow the gown to maintain its shape and flow without hugging the lower body. Avoid detailing around the skirt.

Many women are apprehensive to try on a strapless gown. In fact, the style of this gown is extremely sleek and elegant and flatters many different body types. Try one on during your initial shopping trip and you may be surprised!