The Duties of the Bridesmaids on the Wedding Day

On the day of your wedding, the role of the bridesmaid is accompanied by a traditional set of duties to be fulfilled.

Here is a list of typical responsibilities for bridesmaids on the wedding day. Read them, print them off, and most importantly, tailor the list to suit your wedding day needs.

On the day of the wedding, the bridesmaid:

  • Continues to be emotional support for the bride
  • Helps to make bride look her best!
  • Walks down the aisle ahead of the bride
  • Help to look after the flower girl and ring bearer, if applicable

At the wedding reception, the bridesmaid:

  • Helps with hosting duties, socializing with guests
  • Stands in the receiving line
  • Is announced at the reception, to all the guests, before the newly married couple
  • Dances with groomsman
  • If the bride has chosen to have only one bridesmaid and no maid of honour, the bridesmaid takes care of the bride’s gown and accessories while she is on honeymoon
  • Stays until the end of the reception, helping as needed