The Duties of the Bridesmaids before the Wedding

Your bridesmaids have been chosen and the wedding planning has begun! Now is the perfect time to clarify the duties of the bridesmaids.
The following is a list of the traditional responsibilities for bridesmaids before the wedding. Read them, print them off, and adapt them to your wedding needs.

Traditionally, before the wedding, the bridesmaid:

  • Is part of the emotional support team for the bride
  • Helps bride with pre-wedding tasks, such as addressing invitations, making wedding favours, and running other such errands
  • Helps shop for and may choose the bridesmaid dress
  • Attends all pre-wedding parties
  • Collaborates with maid of honour to plan and host bridal shower or bachelorette party
  • Subtly let guests know where the engaged couple has registered
  • Pays for her own bridesmaids gown and accessories
  • Ensures she is available for gown fittings and rehearsals
  • Contributes to a gift from all the bridesmaids to the bride and may also give a separate gift to the married couple
  • Pays for own transportation to the wedding city if she is coming from out of town
  • Conducts herself in a positive and constructive manner throughout the wedding planning process even in the most stressful times