The Best Man on the Wedding Day

The preparations are complete and the date of your wedding fast approaches. For the best man, his best friend is about to take the next big leap on to the marriage train. Here are the traditional duties for the best man on the day of the wedding. Have a good read, print them off, and tailor the best man’s list to suit the needs of your wedding.

On the day of the wedding, the best man:

    • Helps the groom to get dressed and look dashing
    • Takes the groom to the ceremony, ensuring that he gets there on time
    • Ensures the groom has the marriage license
    • Makes sure the fee for the officiant is ready in an envelope. The best man will give this to the officiant following the ceremony
    • Continues to oversee the groomsmen and ushers. The best man ensures that all the men have punctually arrived to the ceremony, looking dapper and polished
    • Holds the bride’s ring until the ring exchange ceremony
    • Acts as witness and signs the marriage certificate
    • Drives the married couple to reception if there is no limo or chauffeur

At the reception, the best man typically:

    • Stands in the receiving line or circulates to greet guests
    • Continues to support groom as required
    • Is announced with the maid of honour to the reception guests before the newlyweds
    • Acts as referee ensuring that only tasteful activities take place at the reception
    • Offers first toast to newlyweds, which is heartfelt and true
    • Dances at the reception with the maid of honour
    • Helps groom change and get ready for the honeymoon
    • Stays until the end of the reception, helping as needed

After the reception, the best man:

  • Ensures the groom has all honeymoon documents, tickets, passports, etc.
  • Ensures that monetary gifts at the reception are deposited at the bank
  • Helps to return groom’s rental tuxedo while he is on honeymoon