The Bathroom Obstacle Course

Let’s face it. On the day of the wedding, you will share intimate quarters with some of your closest friends as you maneuver yourself in and out of the gown. This will be especially true for those of you who will be making numerous outfit changes, as is custom in many cultures. Eventually, you will need to navigate yourself to the

lady’s room. Simple as it may sound now, it is quite complicated to get in and out without any mishaps. Here are some guidelines to the bathroom obstacle course. Choose undergarments with accessibility. One piece body suits, unless they¬†feature snap buttons, will be much more difficult to access in the bathroom than a separate bra and panties set. Analyze how easily you will be able to “get in and out” of your undergarments when you factor in the style of your gown.

Scope out the bathrooms of the reception site. Is there a separate bathroom for the bride to use, which is larger and allows for more freedom of movement? How clean are the floors? Bring disposable cleaning cloths if necessary.

Gather a few close friends for the bathroom obstacle course. First, orient your back to the stall. This way, you won’t have to do any circling with your friends while inside the small confined bathroom stall. Now, have your gal pals surround you. Working together, gradually lift up the gown from the bottom hem, much as if they were lifting a bed sheet. Enter the stall with your friends. This will take some coordination.

Have the toilet paper ready in one hand before you sit down. As you proceed to undress, have your wonderful friends continue to keep the gown off the floor.

When you’re almost finished, have a friend slowly collapse one side of the gown, while the others keep the rest of your gown afloat, so you may perform the necessary hygienic procedures without any embarrassing visuals. Exit the stall, wash your hands and applaud!

You have now successfully accomplished one of the most difficult obstacle courses of all times! Make sure you thank your gal pals for their crucial help in this tremendous bathroom ordeal!