Taking a Closer Look at the Reception Site

Where will you host your wedding reception? Before you make your final decision, re-visit potential reception sites and take a closer look:

Look for additional costs. Before deciding on a reception location, make sure to inquire about hidden costs for use of the site’s facilities.

Look at the view. Consider what the grounds will look like during the month of your wedding, especially if it is many months away from the day of your visit.

Look at accessibility. Ensure the reception site meets the physical needs of your guests. Some sites have ramps or fewer stairs, making it easier on tired feet as the night wears on.

Look at availability of parking. How many parking spaces are available on site and in nearby parking lots? Guests who have difficulty with parking may end up late for the reception.

Look at the restrooms. Imagine yourself in your wedding gown and imagine yourself in the rest room. Is there a private bathroom for the bride to use?