Receiving Line FYI

Congratulations! The ceremony is complete and your guests can’t wait to shower you with hugs and well wishes. Having a reception line provides a scheduled time for you to briefly chat with each guest. Here is some receiving line FYI: The

receiving line usually takes place after the ceremony and before the reception. If both the ceremony and reception take place at one site, consider having the receiving line shortly after the ceremony or after a few photos. If the ceremony and the reception are at different locales, have the receiving line at the reception site.

Designate a spacious area for the receiving line. The inside entrance area of the reception hall would create a natural funneling effect as guests stroll in. You may want your photographer to take impromptu photos with guests during the receiving line to capture this moment in memory.

The head of the receiving line will be the first person to greet guests entering into the reception hall. The wedding hosts are usually the first ones in the line. The female in this pair will be the first to meet guests (ie. You, your mother, or the groom’s mother depending on which pair is hosting the wedding).

The parents of the bride and groom, the bride and groom, the maid of honour and the bridesmaids are usually part of the receiving line. It is not mandatory for the bestman and groomsmen to be in the line. If you wish, have them socialize and oversee the ushering of your guests to their seats.

As guests pass through the receiving line, take the time to graciously thank them for being with you on this special occasion. Attach an affectionate past time to each guest as you briefly introduce them to your parents and groom (e.g. this is my childhood friend Reiko. We used to play soccer together all the time.)