Packing Light and Having Fun

It’s your honeymoon, who wants to do all the packing and unpacking right before the wedding and then lug bags and bags of luggage to Pearson International (and who knows how long you’ll be waiting) and then carrying them to your honeymoon destination? Here are a few practical ways you can reduce the bulk, pack light, and still have fun on your honeymoon:

Save small plastic bottles whenever you can. Use them to hold your skin creams, sunscreen, shampoos, and conditioners. It’s much lighter than carrying your full bottle of moisturizer and it saves space in your luggage. Likewise, bring a half empty tube of toothpaste (or the small travel size) on the honeymoon.

Skip the makeup bag because it takes up too much space on its own. Use small re-sealable plastic bags to hold makeup, cotton balls, swabs, and other small objects. These will easily fit into every nook of your suitcases without wasting space! Bring larger bags with you to consolidate items after you’ve arrived at your destination.

Bring multi-purpose garments that can be paired in various combinations. Consider tops and bottoms that can go from casual to semi-formal, simply by adding a few accessories (e.g. a scarf or necklace). Limit yourself to one pair of additional shoes, aside from the ones on your feet.

If you are bringing extra shoes, maximize your space by inserting socks and other minute items inside them. If you’re bringing feminine products with you, rather than keeping them in one package, shove them into the crevices of your bag.

Roll your clothes into logs instead of folding them as it takes up less room in your baggage. It will also prevent your clothes from wrinkling. The extra room saved could easily fit a few rolled up skirts!

Save yourself last minute headaches and begin the packing process early. Not motivated? Imagine the sunny skies, the clean air, and the moments you’ll be spending together with your husband as newlyweds. That should do the trick! Happy packing!