Maid of Honour or Honour Attendant? Defining the Titles

You have asked your best friend to be your maid of honour? Or, is it matron of honour? Maybe it’s supposed to be honour attendant? Here is a quick little summary for these different titles.

Maid of honour is the supportive role played by the bride’s best friend/family member who is unmarried.

Matron of honour applies to the same supportive role. In this case, the friend/family member is married.

Maiden of honour refers to a young girl in this role.

Honour attendant also applies to the same supportive role. In this scenario, the bride often decides to use this title because her best friend is a male and he is fulfilling this role.

If you are struggling to decide who to be your maid of honour, why not have two maids of honour! If one friend is married, opt to have one matron of honour and one maid of honour who will share the responsibilities of their mutual roles.