How to Shop for the Perfect Wedding Photographer

The perfect wedding photographer will interpret your vision of the wedding and translate it onto film. While you are searching for your ideal photographer, here are some suggestions for you to consider:

See a portfolio of one entire wedding. Most portfolios only display individual pieces of work from several weddings. In addition to the porfolio, ask the photographer to see one of an entire wedding. This will give you a better idea of the photographer’s quality, style, and technique.

What’s your style? Do you and your fianc√© prefer traditional, posed portraits or more candid shots? Do you like black and white, sepia tone, or colour photos? Ask the photographer what type of photos he/she enjoys taking and find one who complements your style.

Compare prices. All photo packages are not built the same. Some may offer more prints, along with albums and thank you cards, while the rare photographer may give you all the negatives and a set of proofs. Compare the packages from different photographers to find one that best meets your needs.

Is the photographer prepared? In the event that he/she cannot be at the wedding, does the photographer have a back-up plan? Does she/he bring extra equipment in case of technical malfunctions? A photographer who is well organized and prepared will be well equipped to capture your wedding day.

Get it all in a contract. It is imperative that all details you and your photographer have agreed upon are written in a contract. Include:

– name of photographer and any assistants
– date, time, and locations for photos
– hours of service
– number of rolls of film to be used
– sepia, black and white, or colour
– photographer’s backup plan
– number of proofs, prints
– total fees plus how overtime fees are charged
– any other additional stipulations

Finding the right photographer for your wedding is well worth the leg work. Armed with the above tips, you are ready to start the search. Say cheese!