Finding the Perfect Pair of Earrings

Accessorizing is about balance. It’s about harmonizing your gown with the jewelry you wear on your wedding day. The design of your earrings will be influenced by the style of your gown, the formality of the wedding, the shape of your face, and of course, personal preference.

Your accessories should complement your gown, never compete with it. The general rule of thumb: if your gown is very detailed, your accessories should be more subdued. Gowns with more simplistic designs may be partnered with more elaborate accessories. This rule also holds for and applies to earring-necklace combinations.

The size of the earrings should complement and be in proportion to your face. Earrings, because of their position, emphasize the mid section of the face. Button and cluster earrings, which appear as one solid unit, will showcase a narrow face but add unnecessary width and attention to a round face. Small studs flatter brides with smaller faces.

Drop earrings, by definition, dangle and sparkle with every move of your head. These work best with hairstyles that show off your ears. Consider upswept hairdos or if you’re keeping your hair down, keep tresses tucked behind the ears to emphasize the drop earrings. They’re great for elongating the neckline and highlight brides with oval faces. Chandelier earrings work equally well.

The formality of your wedding will affect your choice of earrings. More formal weddings call for more classic designs. Dangling ladybug earrings may work well for a garden wedding, but would be ill fit for a lavish church ceremony.

Before your first fitting, contact the bridal salon to see if you can wear makeup at the fitting. Then, book your hair and makeup trial for an earlier time on the same day. Bring different types of earrings with you to the first fitting. Try them on with your gown. Having this ensemble together will give you a better visual idea of what will best work with your gown.

Regardless of the style of the earrings, ensure the backing is secure to prevent any mishaps on the day of the wedding. Ultimately, it will boil down to your own personal taste, comfort, and style. You know yourself best!