Duties of the Groomsmen On the Wedding Day

The wedding day has arrived and all the balls are rolling. Now is the time for the groomsmen to shine and show off their multitasking skills.

Below is a list of the traditional responsibilities for the groomsmen, on the wedding day. Have a good read, print them off, and modify the tasks to work for your wedding day.

Typically, on the day of the wedding, the groomsmen:

  • Ensure that they arrive punctually at the ceremony, looking polished and dashing
  • Continue to be an emotional support for the groom
  • Help as needed, from assisting guests to running errands
  • Will often facilitate the ushers in seating guests
  • Unroll and properly place the aisle runner, if applicable
  • Foresee and prevent potential wedding day mishaps from occurring

At the reception, the groomsmen typically:

  • Mingle and socialize with guests
  • Continue to monitor events, preventing potential mishaps from occurring at the reception (e.g. watch how much the groom drinks!)
  • Are announced to all the reception guests before the married couple
  • Dance with the bridesmaids at the reception