Duties of the Best Man before the Wedding

The best man, the supportive role played by the groom’s most trusted friend, whether it be his brother, father, cousin, son, or closest female friend (and therefore, an honour attendant), is a title that comes with many responsibilities before the wedding day. Below is a list of the traditional functions performed by

the best man before the wedding day. Read them, print them off, and tailor the list of responsibilities to suit your wedding!

Typically, before the wedding day, the best man:

  • Is the main support and confidant of the groom, which may include pep talks and errand running for the groom
  • Is in charge of planning and hosting the pre-wedding party for the groom, often in collaboration with the groomsmen. Plan the bachelor party to take place several days before the ceremony so that the groom can be well rested for his wedding day
  • Oversees the groomsmen and ushers. Duties here may involve finding accommodations for out of town ushers, to ensuring that all the men have their tuxedoes ready for the wedding day
  • Pays for his own rental tuxedo
  • Acts as referee for the men, maintaining a positive and constructive outlook throughout the wedding planning process
  • Organizes the men’s gift to the groom and usually will also give a separate gift to the married couple
  • Pays for his own transportation to the wedding city if he is coming from out of town
  • Attends the wedding rehearsal