DIY Wedding Favours with Flare

Simple small gestures reveal so much more. Your thought and consideration into making your own wedding favours will grandly display your gratitude to your guests. Here are some unique favour ideas you can make on your own or gather the gals to help out!

Chopsticks – With ribbon that complements the colour scheme of your wedding, attach your favourite oriental recipe or Chinese word (e.g. the double happiness symbol is commonly used in weddings) to the chopsticks.

Message in a bottle – Choose small bottles with lids and partially fill with sand. Insert a small scroll with your message. Consider telling how you and your fiancé met and include a special phrase the two of you are known for saying. Let guests know your honeymoon destination! This idea works particularly well if your honeymoon involves sunny beaches and tropical drinks.

Cookies – Bake heart shaped shortbread cookies and personalize them with specific sayings or decorations. You can also bake gingerbread people and decorate them to represent you and your fiancé using simple icing and a little bit of imagination.

CDs – create CDs with your favourite love songs. You can also make CDs with photos of you and your fiancé, from the early childhood years to the present day wedding. Take a photo in the gown and tux in advance so it can be added to the CD.

A Lucky Kiss – attach your favourite lottery scratch card to a bunch of Hershey’s Kisses (or any other chocolate) that has been wrapped in cellophane. Have everyone at the reception scratch their cards together. Imagine the excitement if someone wins a big prize on your wedding day!