Beyond Traditional – How to Make Unique Wedding Invitations

You want to make your own invitations. You want them to be unique. Who said they had to be stuffed into a traditional envelope and mailed to guests? Here are a few ways to customize your wedding invitations!

Play with texture. Imagine a rustic envelope with matching handmade paper and rose petals. Jazz up traditional invitations by using unique styles of paper. Specialty supply stores, such as the Japanese Paper Place, will carry paper with different textures, colours, and designs.

Play with origami. In the Japanese culture, the origami crane symbolizes luck and fortune. Write your names and the wedding date along the wings of the crane. Affix the crane to front of a simple invitation, allowing it to be the centre of attention.

Play with shapes. Hand deliver what appears to be a cylindrical tube to family and friends. Decorations on the tube hint at something precious inside. Imagine their surprise when they read the scroll inside and discover that it’s your wedding invitation!

Play with suspense. Present a small box delicately wrapped with organza ribbon to family and friends. Opening the box, a beautiful heart shape ornament is revealed. Underneath it, your wedding invitation. Need we say more?

Play with sugar. Have a sweet tooth? Print your invitation onto small cards and attach them to candy roses with a long stem. Offer roses to relatives and friends who will discover two sweet surprises!