Before You Shop for the Wedding Gown

Finding the perfect wedding gown takes time, patience, and a lot of leg work. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind before you shop for your wedding gown:

Solo or more? Decide if you would prefer to go alone or if you would rather go shopping with trustworthy friends/family.

The beauty of cap-sleeves. We all have body parts that we are conscious of. Cap-sleeves help to conceal the fullest part of the arm while also providing a very sleek and open neckline, making the waist appear slimmer and more refined.

Dress ready underneath. Chances are you will be dressing and undressing in front of other people as you try on various gowns. Wear undergarments, such as a full body suit, spandex shorts or a corsage, that may be more suitable for public viewing.

Bring shoes with the right height. It’s hard to get the feel of how a gown will drape if you’re wearing sandals or boots. Bring a pair of shoes that have a heel height similar to the ones you may wear on the wedding day.

Book an appointment for a weekday. Weekends are usually a busy time for bridal boutiques. Book a day off work, if you can and go on a weekday. This may result in more attentive and considerate service from attendants. Booking an appointment will also ensure individual time for you.