Before the Wedding – Beauty Tips 101

Looking beautiful doesn’t just begin on the day of your wedding. Here is a handy list of beauty tips to give you the optimal glow without spending a fortune!

Get some sleep: Yes, eight hours a day will do wonders for your skin too. Who knew? If you’re having trouble sleeping, try different relaxation techniques to calm the mind.

Moisturize in the morning: By simply applying a light moisturizer after washing your face before your makeup, you help to liven up your skin to keep it hydrated and looking supple. Let it absorb into your skin before applying your daily makeup routine. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type (e.g. sensitive, combination, dry skin).

Reduce puffiness: Soak two spoons in ice water. Lie down in a comfortable spot and apply over your eyes. This is a great way to reduce puffiness around the eye area.

Try some cucumbers: If you don’t have any spoons handy, perhaps you’ve got a few cucumber slices readily available. Applying cool cucumber slices on your eyes for about 10 minutes will also help to reduce that puffiness.

Tame those eyebrows: Use a little hair spray on your eyebrow brush and stroke upwards. The hairspray will help to set those hairs in place for the rest of the day, giving you a more polished and refined look.

A little gloss for a lot of pout: Try dabbing a small amount of gloss in the middle of your lower lip. This will give you an instantly fuller and more voluptuous lip shape. Keep in mind, you know your lips best so test this out on yourself and see if it’s the right look for you.

Create your own spritzer: Use mineral water in a small spray bottle and lightly mist your face after a long day of work. Gently blot any excess water droplets. This will instantly help freshen you up and make you feel revived.

Get some exercise: Yes, like sleep, this too will have an effect on your skin. Aside from producing some great endorphins in your body, it will help to reduce the stresses of daily life and what bride doesn’t look great when she looks stress free? (When we mean exercise, we like to think of it in baby steps because we know how busy your schedule can be. So, aim for a little walk during your lunch break, take the stairs when you can, or go for a stroll after dinner before hopping in your car. Every little bit counts and you deserve the recognition for it.)