Beautify Your Wedding Day with Petal Power

Flowers in full bloom add an element of lush warmth to any event. Here are a few ways you can add more petal power to your wedding day:

Place fresh flowers in the restrooms. In the women’s restroom, scatter petals along the inner edges of the counters. Use more greenery in the men’s lavatory for a more masculine experience.
For a more romantic and passionate affair, carefully stray petals or individual blossoms, on the floor, to create a pathway into the reception hall. This can also be done at the church ceremony to outline the runner.

For a more lavish affair, affix individual flowers, with ribbons to the backs of chairs. Individual blooms may also be clipped onto the ends of church pews. This element adds beauty and class without obstructing your guests’ view.

Tall, sleek floral arrangements displayed on mini pillars add classic formal grace to the occasion. A similar effect is achieved using individual large blooms showcased in tall glass vases.

Designate one type of flower for each table of guests. Guests will be pleasantly surprised when you use the botanical names for the seating arrangements!