Basic Tips for Wedding Cakes

There are so many different styles and types of wedding cakes available. Each cake designer has his/her own unique flare. Here are some things to consider while you search for your ideal wedding cake:

Ask potential cake designers if they offer cake tasting. Having a wedding cake that tastes delicious is just as important as having a cake look beautiful.

Wedding cakes made with buttercream icing melt easily in the heat because they’re made with butter, egg yolks, milk or cream, and icing sugar.

Complex cake patterns will cost more. Opt for a more simplified cake and add volumes of fresh flowers for a more dramatic look. Ensure flowers are free of pesticides.

To cut down on the cost of the wedding cake, order a smaller cake for display to be used for the cake cutting ceremony. Order a large sheet cake to be cut for the guests to enjoy.

With this basic knowledge in place, you can now begin the taste test to find the ultimate wedding cake!