Western Face Off

For the country loving couple, a Western themed bridal shower/Jack and Jill would be icing on the cake. Send out party invitations in the shape of the sheriff’s star. Let your guests know this will be a true western showdown. Ask them to come prepared in cowboy boots, hats, plaid shirts, and all other things country.

Create a makeshift mechanical bull out of cardboard boxes and some paint! Have Shania Twain blaring in the background and round up your guests for line dancing. Decorate the party room with horseshoes, stacks of hay (paper cut outs work perfectly well), gingham table cloths, and pictures of wild horses!For games, purchase “string in a can” and have a friendly version of a western face off. Incorporate our game called “Buzz Word” using a designated sheriff. “Criminals” who say the buzz words will have to go to “jail” until someone comes to rescue them with a compliment! You may even want to add a “dare” component to the game, but that’s up to you! Oh, and don’t forget the lasso and the pie eating contest!