Toga Toga TOGA

As the title signifies, this is the toga theme: your all out, go for broke, toga party.

Send out invitations with Roman designs and make togas mandatory. Guests can either arrive wearing a toga or fabric can be supplied for them to change into togas.

The art of making a toga is relatively simple. Rather than use an expensive bed sheet, go shopping at your nearest fabric store. Choose patterns that match your personality (who ever said togas couldn’t be leopard print, bright pink, or have polka dots?). You will need enough material (approximately 3-4 yards) to wrap and overlap across your waist and over your shoulder(s). Feel free to wear clothing underneath the toga (e.g. tank tops, t-shirts). The key to making the toga work: accessories! Add on the jewelry, the belts, the swords (dollar stores) and any other trinkets to complete your outfit.

Guests can make their own laurel wreaths to adorn their heads using simple foam stripes (also dollar store), plastic leaves, and a little glue! The rest of the party will be filled with lounging, music, and perhaps..a game or two.