Board Walk

For a tamer Jack and Jill (or bridal shower), why not have a fun filled night of board games? Choose classic titles as well as a few new ones. The trick is to choose games which will get people to mingle and interact.

Be inspired by the board games. Have drink coasters in the shape of Scrabble tiles. Hang poster paper (ie. Bristol board) on the wall for friends to play a large scale version of Scrabble using only wedding words.

For an ice breaker, give each guest a Monopoly card full of ‘must do’s for the night (e.g. Introduce yourself to a new person, tell someone you adore their eyes, make a snoring sound spontaneously). Each guest who completes their card wins a prize! Hide Twister logos everywhere and have guests search for them. Friends who want the engaged couple to kiss must roll double 6s with the dice!

Just because the theme sounds ‘tame’ doesn’t mean the night will end up that way. How you choose to interpret this theme is entirely up to you.