A Night of Silhouettes

Imagine the backdrop for this pre-wedding party (think exciting bachelorette party, a more tantalizing bridal shower or a very adventurous Jack and Jill): dimmed lights, shadows created by a myriad of candles, and rose petals scattered across the floors. At one end of the room awaits a bright light shining directly onto a large projector screen.

Throughout the room, soft sensual music mingles in the air with the smells of scented oils. As the party crowd grows, the main attraction reveals itself. Participating guests pose behind the screen according to the instructions given on cards pulled out of a mysterious box (e.g. person A stands while person B is on her knees in front or person A sits on a chair exhausted while person B pretends to play the clarinet on her knees). You get the idea. So, how about a group pose?