Apron Off

Fun with your fiancé can have its wild moments too and it can start with the most innocent things. This idea is perfect when the two of have guaranteed private time for dessert. After all, it’s been a long day at work, you’ve had to stress over wedding details, and it may only be Monday! You both definitely need a little fun during the week to reduce all that wedding planning stress.

What is your fiancé’s favourite food dish? This is one meal you’ll have fun making. Prepare it for him, but this time, it’ll include a new twist. Make sure he’s home when you start to make the meal. Act nonchalant as you come prancing out of the bedroom wearing only an apron to create this delectable culinary treat. After all, food is best served when it pleases all the senses!

Note: depending on how events transpire, you may end up ordering pizza (which is just perfect, if you ask me!).