The Ultimate Draw

For the creative, artistic bunch, this is an ideal game to include into the pre-wedding festivities. Ask the engaged couple for the names of objects and places that are meaningful for them (e.g. box of chocolates, Paris, CN Tower, caviar). These items will be used in a game of “Ultimate Draw” where guests are divided into two teams.

A member from one team will be given 60 seconds to draw the word while his/her team feverishly tries to decipher the artistic scribbling. After the 60 seconds, they have one final chance to guess and if they’re unsuccessful, the opposing team will have one chance to guess. The next word is then drawn by the opposing team and the roles are reversed.

Points are calculated based on the number of correct answers. This is one game guaranteed to create quite the stir amongst your guests as they try to interpret the inventive scribbling and the significance of each word for the engaged couple!