The Doughnut and The Carrot

Marriage is all about teamwork so why not give the engaged couple plenty of practice at their Jack and Jill with a game to test their coordination and communication skills! For this game, you’ll need a blindfold, a few doughnuts (choose ones with the hole in the middle), and a carrot.

Gather the party guests and bring the engaged couple to the centre of the room. Blindfold the future bride and place a doughnut in her hands. Seat the future groom on a chair and place a carrot into his hands.

The object of this game: working as a team, the future groom must now test his communication skills and guide his future bride to move towards him and place the carrot through the doughnut. Since she can’t see, he’ll have to be extra careful what he says or she’s liable to end up on the other side of the room!