Secret Code Breaker

Code Breaker is the ideal game to build intrigue and many hilarious moments at your bridal shower or Jack and Jill. It’s all about timing and getting your guests to mingle.

Before guests arrive, decide on a list of secret words. Opt for words that can be used in various contexts (e.g. “hot”, “good”, “box”). Let your guests know that there is a secret word floating in the circuit of conversation. Each time the word is heard, the person who has spoken it will receive a small reward (e.g. heart sticker, a piece of ribbon, Mardi Gras beads) that will be prominently displayed on his/her body.

The key is to give the reward shortly after the word has been said, but not directly afterwards. Now imagine a sea of guests, all plastered with happy face stickers, wondering and discussing what the secret word might be. “What did you just finish saying? Was it ‘happy’? I didn’t say that. But, I did say the food tasted good. Could it be the word ‘good’?”

The person who correctly guesses the word receives a gift at the end of each game!