How Good is Your Banana?

What’s a Jack and Jill/bridal shower without a little frisky fun? This is a great game to play, both for the men and women and only requires some string, some bananas, a variety of balls, and some coordination. Okay, it requires some guts too.

Gather all the willing men and women at the pre-wedding party and have them stand behind a starting line (use piece of tape on the floor). At this time, have them all securely tie a colourful ribbon around their waist with enough leftover so that it hangs to the floor. Now comes the icing on the cake: bring out a basket of bananas and balls, of different sizes, and have them pick their own sacred fruit. Have them tie their banana so that it now hangs precariously from the ribbon.

The goal of this wedding game: using only the banana, the guys and gals must try and get their balls to the finish line! Depending on how big your ball is and how good you are with the banana, you may finish very quickly or maybe not! Whether you use this game at the bridal shower and have all the gals perform the stunt or have only men at the Jack and Jill do it, it is sure to get a ton of laughs!