Dress Rehearsal

For this Jack and Jill game to work, you’ll need a very bold couple who’s not afraid to be the centre of attention (it helps if they have a good sense of humour too). The only prop you’ll need for this game is an old wedding dress that can be easily purchased at the second hand store. Hint: choose an old wedding dress with a lot of buttons that need to be fastened at the back.

Gather all the guests at the Jack and Jill for this wedding game. Ask the engaged couple to step forward while the host announces the game (e.g. “Now, we all know how much you two love each other. We also know that love comes with a lot of passion. We also know how excited you can get Jim, so we decided to give you a little practice run…”).

Goal of the game: the bridesmaids help the future bride into her ‘wedding dress’ and the future groom must now try to take it off using only one hand!

Alternate way to play: have the future groom dressed up in the wedding dress by his groomsmen while the future bride tries to take it off using only one hand!