Check out His Golf Club!

Simple games can become so wacky and wild simply by changing the props you use! For this wedding game, ideal for a rowdy Jack and Jill (or bridal shower), all you need are a variety of long and short fruits and vegetables, some small balls (potatoes or lemons work equally well), clear plastic bags, and a container to be used as the “hole in one”.

Gather all the willing guests into one open area. Bring out a basket full of different fruits and vegetables. The best ones to use include: carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, bananas, and eggplants. Now, give each guest a clear plastic bag and a small ball. Have them place their chosen fruit or vegetable into the plastic bag.

Goal of this game: using your food item, you must now try and get that little ball into that hole. Sound simple? Wait until people start ‘handling’ their ‘golf clubs’ and the giggles start to abound! You won’t believe your ears! First one to get their ball in the hole wins!

Other ideas: this game can be played in pairs as well. The women can help to put on the plastic bags and the men can do the putting. This is an equally funny version!