Buzz Word

This is a simple wedding game that can be used for any bridal shower or Jack and Jill, with minimal preparation required (that means, if you’re planning the Jack and Jill, the guys can help to run the game too!)

Choose a list of wedding words to avoid. Some examples include: names of the bride and groom, wedding, reception, wedding dress, and any other such wedding related terms.

As guests arrive, give each 3 – 5 clothespins to affix onto various parts of their clothing (this could get very interesting). The goal of the game: do not say the forbidden words or you will lose your clothespins!

During the bridal shower or Jack and Jill, guests will listen carefully to what others are saying! Should anyone say one of the “buzz” words, another guest may come and take a clothespin. To earn it, however, a compliment must be given to the person who has spoken the “buzz” word.

This game makes it easy for your guests to mingle and interact with one another, even if they don’t know each other very well.