Who chooses their gowns?

QuestionMy mother and my fianc?’s mother still have to get their outfits for the wedding day. Am I supposed to choose for them or do they do it on their own?

AnswerPast tradition dictates that it is the mother of the bride that chooses her outfit first. She then lets the groom’s mother know of her decision. This way, both ladies can coordinate their styles, the length and formality, as well as the colour of their outfits. As the bride, you do not choose the gowns for them.

With that being said, you are more than welcome to accompany both ladies on a shopping trip! Make your role a fun one. Be there to support and laugh each lady as they try on and choose their own gown.

Regardless of what tradition states, you know both families best. If both mothers share a close bond, why not have the two go shopping together for their gowns? Opt for a solution that works for your family.