Which one chooses her gown first?

QuestionI want to avoid friction between both sides of the family. I have heard that the mother of the bride picks her gown first before the fianc?’s mother can pick. Is this true?

AnswerThis is often a question that we get asked. Does the mother of the bride have to be the first one to choose her gown? Traditionally, the mother of the bride contacts the groom’s mother to let her know what her outfit looks like. Both women can then coordinate their outfits on colour and formality. Note: their outfits are meant to complement one another. They are not to be identical.

With this in mind, you and your fianc? know your families best. If it works better for your families to have his mother find her outfit first, then so be it! Both ladies are more than welcome to have open chats and giggles about what they will wear on the day of your wedding. Both ladies can also go on an excursion together to find the gowns of their choice!