Where can I have an outdoor BBQ reception?

QuestionRather than the traditional wedding reception at a hall, I’d prefer to have an outdoor summer BBQ with family and friends. Do you have suggestions on where I can do this?

AnswerIt will all depend on how many wedding guests you’d like to have at your BBQ. If you’re planning a small intimate gathering with close family and friends, then it would be perfectly acceptable to host a BBQ wedding reception at someone’s home with a backyard large enough to accommodate all your wedding guests.

Another option is to contact a local BBQ restaurant to host the event for you since they would already have the cooking space to feed everyone. Or, choose a Mediterranean type restaurant that serves grilled food (e.g. Greek) and book off a section for your party. Contact a local community centre or church to see if you can rent the space to host the BBQ there. In this scenario, you may have to bring your own BBQs.

You may want to consider a Toronto park of your choice. There are many parks, each with their own feel. One of them may be suitable for an outdoor BBQ wedding reception. Note: If you are having more than 25 people, you will need a permit. Visit the link below to access more information:

Toronto Parks

Give them a call and they will be more than happy to help you narrow down a good park for your wedding event. They can also send you a map of all the Toronto parks. Note: Toronto parks allow gas or propane BBQs, but Centre Island is charcoal only.

If the outdoor BBQ reception is what you would like to do for your wedding, be sure to let your guests know in the invitations that it will be a relaxed affair. The last thing you’d want is for guests to show up in formal gowns and suits to enjoy ribs and wings!