When the bride’s father is divorced and has a lifelong partner, does she have a role in his daughter’s wedding?

QuestionI have been with the bride’s father for many years but we are not married. The bride’s mother past away quite some time ago and we are all very close to one another. I get along with his family but being that we are not married, I’m unsure of what my role should be. Do I have a role that I should be playing in the future bride’s wedding? I’m so happy that she is getting married and would absolutely hate to do something wrong at her wedding.

AnswerEvery family is different and unique and traditional wedding etiquette may not always apply. In this way, wedding etiquette has yet to catch up with the reality of modern day times. That you have been with the bride’s father for many years is more than enough to designate you as his significant other even though you may not be the “Mrs.” by legal standards. Consider having a long heart to heart chat with the future bride to see what she envisions for the wedding and how you can be of help. Since you are close to his family, I highly doubt they would find it odd or awkward if you were to have a more substantial role in his daughter’s wedding.

The most important thing is to determine what the bride’s hopes are. It is the best way to ensure that there are no awkward moments since every family is unique and it should be embraced as such without having to be forced to conform to more traditional wedding etiquette views.