When is the first dance?

QuestionMy fianc? and I are planning the schedule for our reception but we’re not sure where we’d like to place our first dance. I’m leaning towards the beginning of the reception while he’d rather do it before we open the dance floor. Do guests have a preference?

AnswerThere seems to be a lot of flexibility regarding the timing of the first dance. It will depend on how much space is available at the reception hall and the cultural responsibilities of your wedding.

Some restaurants conceal their dance floors underneath removable carpet and can only be accessed after numerous tables have been cleared following the reception. Other halls have more than ample room for a dance floor, allowing you to have your first dance as soon as the MC has announced your entry into the reception hall as a newly married couple.

The first dance often takes place after the first course, before the main entr?e. You are, however, more than welcome to place it where you see fit. If you decide to place the first dance after the reception, before the dance floor opens, play a range of entertaining games throughout the night with your guests to keep the mood up until the dancing begins.

If space permits, you can schedule pockets of time throughout the reception for dancing in between courses. If you decide to have your first dance before any courses are served and space is limited, remember, no one said you needed a lot of space for an intimate dance with your husband! If this is the route you’re going for, plan ahead for a cozy spot in front of the head table where all the guests can see the two of you dancing in each other’s arms.

So, in answer to your question, the options are endless. Just remember to keep guests entertained and welcomed with games, lively background music, or pockets of dancing, basing your decision on how you’ve arranged the night.