What is the role of the groom’s step-mother during the wedding and the wedding planning process?

QuestionThe soon to be groom is my step son. As the groom’s stepmother, what is my role during the wedding and the wedding planning process?

AnswerTypically, the groom’s step-mother plays a more complementary role in the wedding planning process, offering support as needed and appropriate for the current family dynamics. The best guide for your level of involvement is determined by the answer to these questions: how close are you to the future groom? What are the family dynamics at this time?

If you are very close with your step-son, then it would be ideal to have a chat with him to consider where he’d like support on the wedding planning process. If everyone is friendly with one another, then it is likely you will be more involved. If the groom is close to his biological mother, then she will most likely play a more prominent role in the wedding. Perhaps, you may be looking for more concrete details on what you should be doing but individual family dynamics should guide your actions. There are some moments when wedding etiquette has yet to evolve to meet the world of today.

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