What is an appropriate wedding gift to the couple from the bride’s parents?

QuestionWhat would be an appropriate wedding gift to the bride and groom from the bride’s parents? We are unsure what would be the proper thing to do for our daughter!

AnswerAs parents of the bride, there are many options on what type of wedding gift can be given to the bride and groom and much of it will depend on your cultural and family customs, your budget, and your imagination.

Weddings are often a time when parents will pass down heirloom jewelry to their daughters or something that has been in their family for a long time. The bride’s parents can give money for a new home or a new car. In terms of how much, that is up to you and what you are financially comfortable with giving. Your wedding gift may also be something substantial for the new home, such as dinnerware, flatware, or furniture.

The options are endless and really are about what signifies your relationship with your daughter and her new husband and what is financially feasible for you.