What do we give the MC?

QuestionWe have a close friend who will be our MC at the wedding reception. What would be an appropriate thank you gift and when do we give her the gift?

AnswerTraditionally a thank you gift should be given to all your wedding helpers and since your MC is a close friend, and not someone you hired, a thank you gift would be most appropriate.

Consider what your friend likes that can also be associated with the wedding in some symbolic way (e.g. your MC loves scarves so you get her a scarf in your wedding colour scheme or you attach/engrave the words “best MC” with your wedding date on it).

In terms of cost, the thank you gift would probably be less substantial than your gifts for the wedding party. In terms of when you should give her the gift, it all depends on your situation and timeline. Perhaps it will be easier for you to give it to her at the rehearsal dinner or if it’s easier for you at the reception, then by all means, you can give it to her then. Sometimes, it also depends on how nervous your MC, who is a friend who doesn’t normally do MC duties, is. If he/she appears relaxed and calm, then by all means, surprise them with a thank you gift before the reception. If he/she looks frantic, well then…why stress them out with the added pressure of a just received thank you gift?