What are the rules for seating arrangements?

QuestionI’m currently in the process of working out the seating arrangements. Are there any rules or special considerations I need to keep in mind regarding where people should sit?

AnswerThere are some basic rules you may want to consider while you plan out your seating arrangements. Here’s a quick guide to keep in mind as you tackle who sits where.

It’s your big day and love is in the air, but do try to avoid playing matchmaker on your wedding day. Avoid seating single friends or guests together that you think would make a great couple or you may end up with some very awkward moments and less than happy memories at your wedding reception.

If you plan on having the wedding officiant at your reception, you may want to seat him/her at the table with the parents of the bride. If the parents are divorced, opt to seat the wedding officiant with the mother of the bride.

Unless you know a divorced couple are still on talking terms and are friendly and cordial with one another (and their partners), avoid seating them at the same table. It will most certainly help to diffuse any unwanted arguments at your wedding reception. This rule generally applies to the divorced parents of the bride or groom. Unless they all get along, it may be best to seat them at separate tables (and a good distance apart).

Are you planning on having many children at your wedding reception? Although this isn’t a hard fast rule, one way to seat the children may be to have them seated at one table together (depending on the age and independence of the children). This would be a great time to elicit the help of a trusted friend or family member to host the table. The children may end up having more fun together than being seated among a table of adults.