What about the floors?

QuestionWe are planning to have a semi-formal outdoor wedding with a tent and have discovered that a placing a floor over the lawn may become quite expensive. Do you know of any other alternatives that we could use instead to cut down the costs?

AnswerPlacing a floor over your lawn may at first seem like a huge financial investment. It will, however, relieve you of many potential disasters on the day of your wedding. What may initially start as a smooth even lawn can quickly change its appearance. The catering staff carrying the evening’s meals may trip on torn tufts of grass and guests may find it difficult to balance on unsteady chairs with legs that have sunken into the ground over the course of the night.

Think of the floor as a preventative measure against all the “what ifs” that may occur on your wedding day. It will protect the lawn and provide a solid even surface for guests to walk, mingle, and dance (especially if you have guests that may need assistance). More importantly, it will also save you many headaches should the skies open up with rain.

To reduce the costs of the wedding, consider other budget balancing methods. Consult with your tent supplier and your wedding planner/caterer for ideas. If the floor will be omitted, do give your female guests a courtesy call to let them know as they may want to avoid wearing stilettos or high heels on the grass.