There’s no bridal registry and the bride says not to bring a wedding gift. Should I still bring a wedding gift?

QuestionI have been invited to a wedding and after speaking with the bride, she tells me not to bring a wedding gift. There is no bridal registry and she says she doesn’t want a wedding gift and that she’s just happy if I show up. What do I do?

AnswerThe bride is right, to some extent, that your presence is

really all that is needed because wedding gifts have always been optional, not mandatory. Many wedding guests, however, have traditionally given wedding gifts as an extension of their well wishes for the newly wedded couple.

Go with your gut. If you feel that you should give something, consider a sentimental wedding gift, something the bride and groom can enjoy after they’re married (e.g. dinner for two at a cozy restaurant), or a monetary gift is always appreciated by couples who are starting a new life together. How much to give is up to you.