Table placement cards, how should guests be addressed?

QuestionAt the wedding reception, how should wedding guests be addressed on the table placement cards? Should they read “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or can they just read Jane Brown, Ted Brown? If Mr. & Mrs. is used, how do you address a female wedding guest who goes by her own name rather than her husband’s?

AnswerWhether to use the “Mr. and Mrs.” version on the place cards will depend on how formal the wedding is. For very formal weddings, you may want to use the Mr. and Mrs. along with the wedding guest’s full name.

In most cases, place cards are less formal to create a more friendly atmosphere among the wedding guests. For instance, you could use: Jane Brown or Mrs. Jane Brown. Whichever version you choose, make sure it is consistent across the place cards. With regards to couples that have different last names, go with the method that is used on the wedding invitation.