Suggestions for flat shoes

QuestionI’d like to wear comfortable flat shoes on my wedding day. Is there any way that I can find flat shoes that will be beautiful as well and will match my gown?

Absolutely! Never feel that you are obligated to wear high heels on your wedding day. I know of brides that have worn high heels to go the aisle and later change into sneakers that were conveniently hidden under their gown for the rest of the evening. I have also had brides proudly display their sneakers for all to admire!

With that being said, ensure that your gown length allows you to safely wear flat shoes without any dragging or tripping hazards. Your perfect pair of shoes will have details that complement your gown. Consider ballet-inspired designs, Mary Janes, and even flip flops adorned with rhinestones for a casual summer wedding! The possibilities are endless, especially since many designers are incorporating fashion forward kitten heels and skimmers into their wedding designs.