Should guests that have replied no to the wedding invitation be invited to the shower?

QuestionShould guests who have replied ‘no’ on their RSVP be invited to the bridal shower?

AnswerThis gets a little tricky because not all brides know who will be attending their bridal showers (e.g. if the bridal party gets the list without the bride’s knowledge to make it a surprise shower). Thus, in essence, it is quite possible for guests to be invited to a bridal shower even though they may have already that they can’t be at the wedding.

As these guests have been invited to the wedding, it is acceptable for them to be invited to the bridal shower since they too may want to connect with the bride prior to the wedding.

If you are unsure of how the guests may interpret the shower invitation, have the bridal party personalize their invites with: “We know you are unable to attend the wedding but we know Anna would love to see you at the bridal shower!” or other such similar phrases.